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Cooking for your health with healthy cookware!

We must choose the foods we eat wisely as they are for sustenance and not to please our sense of taste and smell. We all understand the health reasons for choosing fresh and natural ingredients as these foods sustain our bodies. Fresh food ingredients contain a range of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates that are essential for our health and wellbeing.

Our internal systems depend on them for proper functioning. Without essential nutrients, our immune system will be ineffective and our body will be exposed to deadly diseases.

The importance of good quality food utensils used to prepare our meals is an oversight, due to a lack of understanding.

Why using healthy cookware is important when preparing meals?

People conveniently use non-stick cookware as an easy, new approach to cooking. These might be easy to use, but many modern utensils and cookware are unsafe.

Recent studies published show that Teflon and other coatings are bad for your health. PFOA is a compound found in Teflon, this has been identified as a potential health risk. This affects the functioning of the endocrine system, and it presents carcinogenic risks.

Concerns raised about the safety of components introduced into these pots and pans during manufacture have resulted in ongoing research to ensure that your cooking ware and utensils are food gradable and safe for food preparation.

Choose your cooking pots, pans, spatulas and other utensils that have additional food preparation benefits. Utensils that have non-stick surfaces, dishwasher compatible, and ergonomically designed to meet you’re cooking skills.

Find cookware with components that do not react in a negative way when cooking food, even at high heat levels. Cookware can and will affect the quality of food prepared in it. Some conventional cookware that are made of different metals and ceramics may be inappropriate for cooking although being a popular brand.

The chemical reaction of food ingredients when prepared in metal cookware.

Food undergoes a chemical reaction when heated. Food is a biochemical entity and the texture of the food changed forever when the heat is added.

When cooking, metals break into ions and react with food at a certain temperature. Digested food containing the metal accumulate within the body tissues and organs. This can be dangerous over a long period as the metals accumulate and may result in health issues later in life.  A compromised immune system further exposes the body to disease and may lead to cancer.

Healthiest Old Style Cookware

The healthiest cookware includes some older models that have advantages.

The practical and life-changing science of Ayurveda for wellness gives huge importance to the metals used for cooking food, despite modern cooking innovations. In certain parts of the world “India”, it is their belief that the old-school cooking utensils are the best. While some metals may have a positive impact on your health others could be dangerous even deadly.

  1. Copper Cookware

Copper has anti-bacterial properties in it. Probably the most popular metal used for cooking and it’s the best metal to cook rice. There are medicinal properties from drinking water in a copper utensil.

– Helps improve heart health and assists with hypertension,

– assists the digestive system to assimilate, breakdown and absorb food

– Slows the ageing process

– helps to heal wounds quicker

– Assists with detoxification of your body

– Increases haemoglobin production


  1. Stainless Steel

The ideal metal, known its non-reactive properties when cooking.  Considered safe, if you consume this metal by eating or drinking, it rarely has a negative impact on your health.

As an alloy, it composition is nickel, carbon, chromium and silicon. The base coat is made with aluminium or copper for heating purposes.

  1. Clay Pot – Earthenware

This ancient cooking ware has many health benefits. These clay pots add important nutrients to food which are extremely beneficial to our body. The list includes calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and sulfur.

Clay is an alkaline and acts as a neutralizer against acidity in the food. This improves food digestion.

Fact is pure-clay is one of the best choices for making healthy cookware because of the nutritional benefits and nutritional value remains unchanged during the cooking process.

Healthiest Modern Cookware

Modern cookware is safe for cooking food, have modern designs and features.

  1. Cast Iron

Why use Cast Iron for cooking?

One of the healthiest materials for kitchen utensils is natural cast iron. Made of an alloy of iron and carbon, it poses no health risk. Cast iron is a naturally anti-adherent, thereby allowing healthy cooking without adding fats and oils.

  1. Cast Aluminum

Why use Cast Aluminum for cooking?

Aluminum, is commonly used in cookware, when coated it is regarded as safe.

There is ongoing research regarding Aluminum for cooking and storage. Coated aluminum is safe according to research. This choice is dependent upon your current health status. It may be wiser to choose a known safer product.

However if you got it or must have it, check for possible leaching. To check for positive toxicity of the cookware, do an alkaline baking soda test  

  1. Ceramic Cookware

Is Ceramic Cookware safe?

Ceramic coated cookware is sold as “green utensils” environmentally friendly for your kitchen! They do not contain PTFE or PFOA and is safe to use. It is made of water and silica and contains no toxic agents therefore no health risk.

Ceramic cookware requires little or no fat, cooks well at low temperatures and is a true health option.

Source by Mark Muller

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