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“What people find most challenging About lockdown & COVID -19.”

“What people find most challenging About lockdown & COVID -19.”


Is it better to do as Ostriches do? “Stick your head in the ground and hope the problem goes away.” Thankfully we know better, avoidance is not a solution.

The list is long and daunting and for many. 

To deal with any problem the best solution is to deal with it head-on immediately.  Many of us have been avoiders and procrastinators at some time in our lives. Now is not that time to be any of the above. You must take action and take it immediately otherwise you may fall fate to becoming infected with fear and panic.

This is my list of things that people are struggling with. I’m sure there are many more.

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Planning
  • Managing Time
  • Routine
  • News Overload
  • Boredom
  • Mindless Eating
  • Physical Distancing
  • Social Distancing
  • Communication
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Going to a Doctor


I sit in my chair each day. My head in my hands. Each day I can’t believe what I see and hear. It feels foreign. I know it’s only started recently but it seems as though it’s an eternity.

This COVID-19 pandemic is Global. It makes for striking headlines every day, the whole day. It is being reported on every news channel in the world. We are all drawn to our TV sets from morning till night. There is no other news that is important anymore. Nothing but coronavirus. It is all-consuming and overwhelming at the same time.

Everyone says “I’ve never experienced this level of world concern.” Doctors, nurses, and front line workers, brave souls they are, risk their lives for us daily. Not knowing what to expect tomorrow. Each new day the virus ravages on. Doctors and nurses watch, people are dying in front of their eyes minute after minute. Pain and agony cannot be hidden. Death speaks for them, it’s so difficult. Silently they suffer. It’s tearing them up and scars them for life. Emotionally and physically life is drained out of them. Tired is not a word to be uttered. Twelve-hour shifts are the norm, day in and day out, seven days a week. No training or preparation is given to fight this hidden monster.

It’s what we do as humans when we are faced with life or death. Step up and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.  Get on with life’s great challenges. Unconsciously relying on our built-in coping mechanisms. Move forward, take decisive action is the motto. Each day the stresses grow. The ordeals grow bigger. Loved ones lost in battle.  The cry’s for help is drowned out by protective gear. “When will this all end?”

Many of the scientists and emergency modelers are guessing, the data is new and limited. How can fair and accurate predictions be made! It is important to plan ahead and rather overcompensate than to wait for disaster and under-plan or not have a plan at all.

With this in mind, coronavirus still seems like a dream and not reality. It has all happened too quickly for our minds to grasp the seriousness of it. This is so, even as newspapers and news channels broadcast record deaths every single day. I grow more distant each day, sad as the death toll rises. I have grown immune to death, I just deal with it. I only fear my death. I question what will happen to my family when I’m gone. Death is closer than it’s ever been. Will he be calling on me unannounced. Am I next? I know it’s possible, but it will never happen to me. I’m sure of it. It always only happens to others. This is what I choose to believe.

I’m hoping that I will awake from this nightmare. Everything will be normal again. Sadly, I won’t be waking up. I won’t see normal again. He’s gone you know, he left without warning or saying goodbye. I’ve searched and searched, he’s nowhere to be seen. I wonder where he’s gone. I know he’s never returning. I feel so sad. I just want to hug you one more time, please. I like normal so much. He is my bedrock, he is my best friend. He did not always give the best advice, but I liked him anyway. I could depend on him, he often made me feel safe and fearless. Why have you left me? Who can I depend upon now? I know no-one else.

Who has taken his place? Fear you say. I hate! fear, he’s not normal. He makes me feel uncomfortable. I hide away when he comes by. He makes my stomach turn. I shiver and feel all panicky, he upsets me. He’s not my friend. I must find someone else. I must push on, forward, and onward. Time is a good friend you say. He is a healer you know, or so I’ve heard. He’s not bad, a bit on the slow side I argue. Then I’ll ask Time to bring me a new friend and confidant. I’ll name him. “New Normal”

How will New Normal look I wonder?

I need him now not after coronavirus is gone. I know too well that the smartest people in the world can’t answer this question with any certainty. Yet for my own peace of mind, I want to hear what they predict, new normal will look like. I have a right to know I say to myself. How am I supposed to plan? if I don’t know. How am I supposed to keep my sanity when I fear for my future and my family’s future? My family looks to me for guidance. What do I tell my children when they ask difficult questions?

Surely I cannot ignore their pleas and questions. They too deserve answers. How do I convince them that everything will be fine when you know it’s not true?

I too have questions! Even if it’s only in my mind. Please can I get an answer, they keep playing over and over in my head. It feels like it’s about to burst. I need answers, is anybody listening. Why can’t you hear my thoughts? It’s so loud in my head, I hear it through a hornblower. Please I beg, make it Stop! It’s unbearable. I want my questions answered now.

 All I want is that you be truthful in your answers. 

When will all this madness end? Will I have a job when this is over? What do I do if my job is gone? Will I find a suitable job soon when millions of people are unemployed? What chance do I have at finding the right job? How can I secure my employment before someone else? Am I qualified enough? Am I young enough to get a job? Do I have the experience that is required or am I under-qualified? Will I need training for my new job? Will my boss be a good boss? Will it pay as well as my current job? Will I be able to make a loan, if I get a job? …….?

Will I overcome my fear when living close to COVID is my reality?

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