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What are Superfoods and How it boosts great life benefits?

What are Superfoods and How it boosts great life benefits?
Superfoods is a relatively new term that has its origin in the ancient people of this world. They are some of the greatest foods discovered and identified by these past civilizations. 

Revive Superfoods

The knowledge and understanding of the benefits of superfoods are in a revival stage as people revert back to organically grown foods and away from modified foods. This knowledge and understanding of nature’s superior nutritional and natural healing foods have been carefully transferred from them to us over thousands of years. Growing your superfoods in your back garden is becoming more popular.

What are superfoods

Certain foods identified to belong to this special category which has been given the name “Superfoods” because of their special ability to help fight illness and promote good health.

This is nature’s way of pre-packing and even stuffing in certain foods an abundance of nutritional goodness that we humans need for our bodies to function, hence the name. These super antioxidant foods promote excellent health, by giving more nutrients, more energy, and enables faster healing with less consumption. It is more effective than other nutrient-deficient foods, and brings about improved body and mind health, better overall well-being, protects and rejuvenate cells and bring about a youthful and zestful vitality.

These are foods that have been around a very long time, millennia, and have been used in many ancient cultures as they have multiple benefits including some of the best nourishing foods that have medicinal powers and are truly healing foods. 

What are the benefits of organic superfoods?

Many foods fall into the category of superfoods including plant-based, grains, and sea vegetables (Nori, Kelp, etc.). These superfoods are found all over the world and many indigenous groups of people still use locally found superfoods in forests and mountains for nourishment and medicinal healing. 

We must try to include these superfoods on a regular basis in our daily eating plan. The exception is if you are allergic or been advised to avoid it for medical reasons. Include superfoods as part of the selection of a variety of foods in your daily diet.   

Beets (Beetroot)
Dark Chocolate (Cacao Bean)
Olive Oil
Kiwi Fruit

The benefits of superfoods lie in the fact that they are the best antioxidants and contain an abundance of important and essential ingredients for our health and ultimately our survival. These nutrients are made up of Macronutrients – water, carbohydrates, proteins, essential fats, and Micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Macronutrients we need to consume a lot of, while micronutrients we need in smaller amounts to get maximum benefits.

Oxidant Radical Absorbance Capacity “ORAC” measures the total antioxidant power of individual foods. Superfoods with a high ORAC score have a better antioxidant capacity

When breathing in oxygen to make energy our body produces harmful oxidants called free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are made during normal cell metabolism. This is toxic to the body and the body must get rid of it. Our exposure to free radicals damages the cells and has been linked to diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, and other infections.

Free radicals are also suspect of aging. It is essential to take in the best antioxidant foods with high nutrient density to protect our cells.

Use the best superfoods available, when weight loss is a health requirement or an objective to improve your health and well being. It is virtually impossible to overeat mineral-rich super foods. Eating micronutrient dense food will soon satisfy your appetite. When you feel hungry it is the body reminding you to eat and give it minerals to activate enzymes so that the body functions optimally. Simply put it is quality health foods (super foods) over quantity that is important to maintain a healthy life. Antioxidant-rich foods assist the body in its constant battle with free radicals.

Today the list of superfoods is growing, as science is out there verifying certain nutrient-dense superfoods and studies are revealing the incredible healing ability of their nutrients.

Many people are changing from nutrient-deficient diets to nutritionally dense diets, to aid their health and they are opting for organically grown plant and animal foods to ensure a higher density of nutritional benefits. Superfood supplements and superfood smoothies are becoming more popular and maybe a good substitute for foods that only grow in specific areas and countries.

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