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The secret to overcoming your fears in 5 easy steps

The secret to overcoming your fears in 5 easy steps


Take Fearless Action

Do you have Faith?

What is your belief system?

Knowing these answers is the key to unlock the mystery of where your fear comes from and how deep it runs within your mind.

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“To thine own self be true”



The Truth will set you free! 

How you stored your childhood memories are imperative in dealing with and controlling how you manage your fear. During childhood, we built and molded a belief system based on half-truths and lies and deception so we can hide from our fear.

Each time we afraid we hide, always concerned our fear may expose us. So, we pacify that annoying little voice inside your head, our worst enemy. The voice from within stops you doing the things you so desperately want to do and say.

Constantly reminding you how badly you suck. The pain of doing is too much for us to bear. Like you asked for its opinion!

Fear holds your, emotions hostage. It makes you second guess, feel self-pity, lowers your self-esteem, brings on doubt, and your ability to follow through. Finally, you lose confidence.

Over and over you ask. “Is there a way out?”

The unknown is a terrible place to be. Your mind races constantly retracing the path that got you to this point. The questions come one after each other. I’m afraid, I can’t go forward. I’m not ready yet! It’s too hard to think about. I not sure where it will lead. I don’t think I can do it! I will not get through this.

Shame on you! You have become a hostage to your mind.

Fear leads to paranoia. It is a silent killer, destroyer of your future. Stressing your mind, body, and soul. 

Faith or rather a lack of …. confuses the mind into a false sense of belief that all is fine and safe. 

Dig deep within, search and find your faith and you will find the Truth covered with Courage. Be True to your word in all that you do, learn to deal with pain, and manage your fears to achieve success.

In Life – There is no gain without pain.

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“It’s not who you are.

It’s who you THINK you are,

that holds you back.”

Your Self Image

Our self-image is formed in our formative years, early childhood.

Self-image and self-worth, are inter-related. Those who surround us  influence our thinking during these early years.

To understand who you think you are, you need to understand and realize that your subconscious mind has taken on a persona a “Personality” crafted by your design.

We become what we consistently think about ourselves.

When we design weak and fearful thoughts, we create a weak fearful person. Without conscious realization, we accept other people’s beliefs and sayings because they are our reality.

“We know only what we know, until we learn to know something new.” The Mind is the most powerful muscle in our body. It controls our early life “except the rebels who we realise are not normal”

They tend to do what we afraid of doing. Often they become outcast. Taught from young to believe, that different is bad, and it is better to be accepted than disliked.

Our need to fit into society, is driven by being the best that we can be at all costs.

Society reminds us, “You not good enough! You’re a failure! Your poor little thing! You won’t amount to anything you know!”

We construct the mindset of an unsuccessful and fearful person. Fear and anxiety dominate us, so we choose not to expose our true wants and needs, it is easier to hide.

Change, Self-Confidence and Love must be your new Image. Be aware of how thoughts impact your life and future.

The only thing that counts is what you think now and more importantly, what you do with those thoughts.

Your inner voice must be freed from the fear. Do what fears you most, regularly. This will allow the mind to eventually develop new habits and accept that it is ok to have fear because you are comfortable dealing with it.


Imagination is everything

It is a preview of life’s

Coming Attractions.

Albert Einstein

Your Imagination

As young children we allow our imagination to run wild with creative thoughts.  

Unlimited to the amount or quality of our thoughts. They are our creation and molded by our minds to be whatever we wish it to be. They are limitless in creativity. Every new thought, we see in our mind’s eye.

We are Little Einsteins and our reality is whatever we want it to be. Creativity is a natural component of our thought processes. We turn out new thoughts after new thoughts an unlimited supply flowing through our minds. Thinking and creativity performed without supervision.

Adult societal indoctrinated and acceptability. Adults set the bar for us and start to limit our thinking. They go one step further and put structure to our ways, and what is acceptable to do or not do. 

Everything is downhill from here. We start to learn societal norms that are designed with boundaries “Emotional Fear” to keep us safe and socially acceptable. 

We lose our natural creativity! “most of us” We are taught to think and do things in a specific way. Fear of Failure is instilled from elementary school until university and beyond. 

All the while we are told to practice and prescribe to beliefs that limit our creative development by teachers and parents who have no real-life experiences and are not qualified to teach true life skills.

Until we start to question why? We will continue to be mere carbon copies of other people’s thoughts and ideologies.

To change is to seek New Ways. It must be a quest to conquer the old and instill a new order in our lives.  Question everything, including our current ways, and future decisions.

This will allow us to break habits and rules that bind us to fearful ideology.

Reimagine life! What do you want and need? How do you see your new life?

Spend time visualizing this new you. Create a storyboard with images and words. Keep this in your mind and in an area where you can see it at all times.

Visualize it daily for 10 to 20 minutes and allow your imagination to see, feel, smell, and experience your life in your mind without fear and limiting factors.

Transform your life and create a fearless adventure.

“Every time I judge someone else,

reveal an unhealed part of myself.”


Stop being Judge and Jury 

Stop judging you not qualified.

As children, we quickly learn that you either fit in or out. Acceptance by your peers only happens when you fit in.

If you’re different you’re special, however, society doesn’t do well with special, it’s confusing, and normal is preferred. 

As kids, we’re taught to make conscious decisions, identify right from wrong, and good from the bad. When the above is questioned, the explanations don’t give us the why. When answered, we are given untruths or half-truths. This bad information is the base of our decision-making.

No wonder we make poor or no decisions. Our knowledge and understanding have many blanks. Because there is a lack of sufficient information, our subconscious fills them in.

This creates stressful situations when we make decisions that differ to our morals. Easily succumbing to societal norms and peer pressure.

To pacify our conscience we rule over our inner thoughts, both as Judge and Jury. By Judging ourselves, mentally we incarcerate our willingness to act. Our minds refuse to make decisions that demand immediate action and we laps into procrastination.

“It’s never about you, it always about them”

Remember judges, it’s always about you and never about them. When you judge, you hide behind our fears and misdirect the focus onto someone or something.

Face your fears the way you love the Nike brand- “Just do it”

It may sound easy but it will prove difficult unless you make a conscious decision the change this by increasing your awareness of what you think. 

Photograph by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

“The Ultimate Value of life depends upon

Awareness and the power of contemplation

rather than upon mere survival.


Your Conscious Awareness

Conscious awareness is the source of our healing.

It is the gateway between the physical reality and our thoughts, linked to our emotions and attitudes, our perceived reality.

We have great difficulty separating these two worlds. The outer physical world creates our inner world. It is a reflection of each other. The inner world is constantly updating our experiences in the outer. Dynamic in its learning of new things and automatically associates beliefs based on past experience to these new learnings.

Our every life decision is dependent on our current inner database. It creates our perception of ourselves, as we evolve through life.

To bring about change. Pay special attention to how you think. Heighten your conscious awareness of your thoughts and actions.

Consciously reprogram your mind. A fearful person has a fearful mind. 

Delete old unnecessary data and replace it with new data.A fearless person has a fearless mind.”

You are what you have stored in your database “This holds true for both your conscious and unconscious mind”.

The only thing keeping you stuck, is your thoughts.

Keep consciously upgrading your mind with good fearless information and it will auto-renew itself. It will develop into a fearless habit and a subconscious mind that is fearless.

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