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The Best Relax Your Mind Strategy is Key.

Relax your mind, sounds natural and easy, but is it?

Meditation music, with soothing and calming sounds, is proving to be popular these days given our fast-paced lifestyle. Include these uncertain times that we live in, and it’s like adding fuel to the fire. Another thing to do!

Your to-do list seems endless and any YOU time to relax your mind, seems like a mere pipe dream. Still, there are those that are doing it. Do you wish that it can be your reality?

“Yes OBVIOUSLY”, you say.

“Relax your mind”

Are you kidding me, it’s just “$@#%*&….” SO difficult! (Yes, I know the frustration, Go back and use a nice positive word please!)

My suggestion is to try Meditation music combined with Visual imagery and learn how to relax your mind in under 30 minutes.

Below, in the green block are a few statements. Answer the following questions after you’ve read the statements. One thing though, answer them truthfully.

  1. Any of them a reflection of your state of mind?
  2. How determined are you to change, and what will it take?
  • I just can’t relax my mind!
  • Relaxing my mind is proving to be very difficult!
  • My mind is too busy, it doesn’t know how to relax!
  • My mind keeps racing, it never stops to relax!

The Best Relax Your Mind Strategy requires:

Mindful Preparation – First

  • Determine the quality of your life, as it is right now,
  • Know what you want in your life?
  • Create a deep want and desire to change your circumstances.
  • Develop the necessary consciousness – a relaxing consciousness.
  • Implement a Mindful Approach to Life – become aware of the thoughts flowing through your mind. Change negative thoughts by finding the possibility within (the positive within).

The Best Relax Your Mind Strategy – Path to Success

Take Action, Follow-through, Evaluate, REPEAT and Tweak.

1. Create a Priority To-do-list

Make that critical decision, make “Relax Your Mind” the #1 item on your priority list. Then action it. Without determined positive action, change cannot happen, this is a universal law.

Why is it important to prioritize?

Because not all decisions are equal in importance. Some may be important but not life-impacting.

Still, other times you need to make quick decisions, at work, at home, for the family, and occasionally for yourself. You don’t have time, to think about details and the impact.

Studies show the mind is easily confused when it’s ruled by logic. Life’s not logical! It’s filled with the unknown, it has so many paradoxes, often covered in mystery.

Don’t you sideline it for a future time, that time may be too late. Besides, isn’t that what you always do! A Procraternater that’s WHO you are.  And that’s why you prioritize!

Why am I stuck in My ways?

Your belief is partly to blame. “The situations and circumstances of my life keep me hostage” This is the easy way out and it’s the wrong way.

Your circumstances and situations can never keep you down. They are not shackles, and therefore you’re free to choose to do, whatever…. you want. The universe wants you to have abundance. Thought is free for all, take as much as you can. Whatever image you hold in you mind with the aid of thought, will be your reality if you so want it, badly enough.

Understand this :  The only thing between you and achieving what you want is your THOUGHTS.

How are you supposed to make life-changing decisions?

Before you can answer this question, it is important to understand the significance of relaxing your mind.

Many people who have ignored this need, end up suffering from anxiety, depression, and other ailments. For some, it may result in physical and psychological complications, prevention is better than cure, choose to prioritize, choose to relax your mind.

There it is, the cold hard fact of doing nothing. Yes, “learning to relax your mind” is a life-changing decision – It will be a game-changer if you implement it. The only way it’s going to happen is when you carve out time for it.

Part of relax your mind strategy, is being prepared to be flexible and improvise, if necessary. Do whatever it takes! This may be early morning before anyone is awake or late at night when they sleep.

A quick Meditation session is a good way to clear your mind, reset your emotional state, revitalize your body and awaken your inner spirit.

Tips to The Best Relax Your Mind Strategy.

  1. Find a time that you can ensure an environment free of noise and is inviting.
  2. Use deep breathing
  3. Loosen up – shrug your shoulders – create body movements to get your blood flowing and circulating faster 
  4. A Positive Emotional state will allow you to transition to the realm of relaxation faster.
  5. Start with small steps, set aside as little as 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30min to start.
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2. Meditation sessions – It is possible to have a quick session and re-energize!

Meditation sessions – We know it is possible to have a quick session and re-energize! (see above)
Meditation is the ancient art of relaxation with its roots deep in the east.
There are several types of meditation. The ancient methods have been used for thousands of years by various cultures. There are newer – modern types which are currently more popular.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is a method of relaxation with the aim of achieving a higher level of consciousness. When done correctly it impacts the conscious and subconscious mind and used to move our minds to a higher level of understanding and awareness.
While meditation is not easy, this skill can be learned. The fact is that meditation will help to improve your stress levels, by reducing them to healthy levels, and helps you feel good.

The Benefits of Meditation.

When you in a good mind space you will feel more collected and organized in your thoughts. You make better life-impacting decisions, and accomplish more each day.
Meditation has many health benefits. Re-energizing and revitalizing your body thereby improving the quality of life.
By becoming mindful your perception of what is important to your life changes. It is easier to make tough decisions and choices.
Enlightenment happens during this process of meditation.
When you master meditation it will be life-changing and for the better.

Finding the right type of meditation.
This is the most important and is often the key to relaxation. Like everything in life, there is no easy process. You must educate yourself about the various types of meditation available.
However, there is one that may be easier for most to master.

3. Meditation Music

Meditation and music are transformative activities that are calming and relaxing. This is an excellent way to quickly relax your mind, body, and emotional spirit.

Research and Studies have shown the benefit of Meditation – Music:

Meditation Heals: “Taking a few minutes to focus your mind each day can reduce stress, pain, depression, and more.” as stated in a Harvard Med School, July 16, 2014

Music Heals: “Music therapy can calm anxiety, ease pain, and provide a pleasant diversion during chemotherapy or a hospital stay.” as stated in a Harvard Med School, February 19, 2016

4. Meditation Music with Visuals

This is the secret to quickly relax your mind and body. Guided Meditation – with Music and Visuals when combined are transformative activities that can help heal.

Most people are visual beings. Visual stimulation is all around us. However, we have difficulty remembering all that we see. Quickly we forget the past few seconds as we absorb new and more images.

It is easy to see a picture or image, it is another thing to visualize the same image in your mind.  When your eyes are shut it is difficult to form that clear picture for the untrained mind.

We know that research proves visuals stimulate the brain. The body is a self-healing system, fixing damaged areas, without our consent. The brain even makes new connections in people who have suffered brain damage.

Visual Therapy


Visual meditation music
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5. Visual Therapy

Visual healing is a therapy in which high-definition visuals (videos) draw the viewers’ attention. It “Quiets the mind” by immerses their minds with visual and sound technology together, to impact their emotional and physical states. The use of natural environment visuals immediately places your mind in nature and transforms your emotional and physical state, it calms, relaxes and quiets your inner spirit.

The universal law of cause and effect, states that nothing happens by chance. Every action will have a reaction. When we purposely and positively affect your body’s energy with visual and sound therapy, it will move towards a balanced state. This move towards a balanced state, in turn, will impact your emotional state, reducing anxiety and a more positive mindset. When you trust your decisions you increase the feel-good feelings and it’s easy to relax your mind.


Using the best relax your mind strategies will help discover the real you, hidden inside.

Recent times have brought many life-impacting changes. Save to say! Our lives will never be the same again. The way we do things has changed. What we expect from life has changed. Our perception of life has CHANGED.

With so much uncertainty in the world, it is difficult to trust anyone. Trust has deep emotional connections, find those concrete facts to back up your decisions where possible.

The one thing you do know, your future is dependent on the decisions you make today. So, keep learning new things, be a student and take courses of interest, it will make you grow smarter and mentally stronger.

To make more good decisions you need to make fewer bad ones.  Relaxed mindful attention is called for.

Get it now! Because you want to.

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