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NEW Delta Covid-19 variant spreads | US STATES AT RISK

Video from: CNBC – YouTube  – DR Scott Gotlieb



The new coronavirus strain, Delta, Covid-19 variant spreads, the US States at risk – a more transmissible mutation of the coronavirus may cause havoc in many states across America soon.  Current reports indicate the new variant strain is already infecting areas, like Springfield Missouri, where there is an increase in cases since mid June.

These are Serious Concerns – Bad News for the un-vaccinated US citizens

Key data from around the globe show that the new covid-19 Delta variant spreads quickly and is easier to transmit.  The severe effects of the Delta variant are causing infections to surge beyond what was previously seen in many parts of the world.

The new strain, a mutant variant was first discovered in India in October 2020, data indicates that it is more transmissible by 60% than previous variants. It also showed that children were more likely to become infected with this variant.

India has recently put out a warning of the Delta variant offspring that is ravaging its communities.

They found four additional mutant variants that are new, and equally dangerous and a major concern. They are the Delta, Delta-plus(which has several mutations already estimated to be 14), Lambda, and Kappa variants. There is no proof yet, however it is reported that the new Delta plus variant may escape the current vaccine or be less effective.

DR. Scott Gottlieb – Voiced his concern too. (see video above)

In an interview,  the former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration said that the Delta Variant is a concern. He expects it to be hyper-regionalized and will mainly impact certain pockets of the country where he anticipates dense outbreaks.

He said that the pockets will be those areas where community vaccination is low and previous coronavirus infections were low.
Gottlieb said, “like in many rural and southern communities”

Low – Vaccination States

The states that are most vulnerable are the ones with less than 35% of their population fully vaccinated. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wyoming. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, data indicates current US Covid-19 vaccination is only around 46.1% of the total US population.

Get ahead of Potential Delta Outbreaks

Dr. Gottlieb recommends that governors, in those southern states and elsewhere build up local health care resources especially in vulnerable communities.  They should include local community leaders to promote covid-19 vaccination and to adopt a grassroots vaccination campaign.

“We need to get vaccines into the hands of doctors, make it easier for doctors to supply vaccines in their offices.”
Gottlieb is optimistic that unvaccinated Americans will decide to get the vaccine soon.

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