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How to Relax Your Mind | Heal with Soothing Music


For those who don’t know how to relax your mind. Try using this method. Listen to Soothing Music to Heal You.

Are you having difficulty relaxing your mind?

Do you know how to relax your mind?

Is all the noise getting you down?

If you experiencing any or all of the above, then you may seriously need to still your mind and shut out the noises before it affects you.

The sound of Music and mindfulness can help to relax your mind and heal the mind and body. When combined with peace, quiet, and tranquillity it soothes the emotional sensors and is the basis for a healthy mind and body.

We all want the Joys of abundant life, right! The Universe would not want it any other way as it has abundances of everything imaginable. However, our world has literally turned upside down without warning and it’s such a crazy place right now.

No longer can you be guaranteed, abundant life. Where there was once safety and security, fear and anxiety fill our minds, we’re not sure what darkness tomorrow brings. Our only concern is, how much more pain can I handle?

It is important that seek, mental stillness, inner peace, a quieting of the mind, and tranquillity of the heart to start the healing.

Quiet without Silence

Meditating- listening to music by the sea
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Is quiet really about the absence of sound? Focused sound gives life to silence, that’s what starts the healing process.

We all hear, yet we find it difficult to listen. When we learn to listen, we learn to influence ourselves and you on your way to relax your mind.

Do This Next

Listen for the faint morning sounds of birds chirping, beetles singing, a baby’s gentle cry in the distance, kid’s laughter, or the calm sound of water flowing down a stream close by. Look up at the night sky see the bright stars twinkle and listen to quietness. The ability to listen gives us a sense of being, a presence, we feel alive. Life is precious and it is best experienced when we have a sense of being present.

We don’t want absolute silence, rather we seek soothing sounds to give us peace so that we can be one with nature’s energy. These are the healing sounds for abundant life often referred to as Sound Healing or Sound Therapy.

Sounds Move Our Emotions

Soothing, relaxing, and calming music is just another way that we can still the mind and prepares it for healing, referred to as Music Therapy.

Our emotions are an important part of our healing process. Music is the food of life’s emotions and can quickly change your state of mind.

This usually happens instantly, when we hear a favorite song that has a built-in association with our inner cosmic being. Its vibrational energy fills our body and we’re transported in our minds time capsule to a place and time where we are free of fear and filled with joy and life’s good.

“I can taste life in that instant, it’s so empowering. It’s filled with energy and emotions. I’ve been searching for this. It’s elusive but I want it, no I need it. It must fill my mind forever and never disappear.
I am emotionally charged, I want to do it all over again.”

This altered mind state happens at warp speed, your energy levels are magically lifted as if refueled with some alien energy.”

Living the good experiences of our past all over again. This is a rush like no other and we all want it to continue forever.

The Secret Formula

Now we know the secret formula. Music is the key, its ability to instantly transport our minds, directly impacts our emotional state which starts the healing.

All we need to do is to use this secret formula and hack our minds to change our emotional state. This can only be done however with specific music and visuals.

Choosing the Music to Alter the Mind

The choice of music is important and so are the sounds and frequency. This can include Ambient, Classical as well as Instrumental. These are a few of the varieties available, and as we know music is especially soothing.

How you listen to Music

When using sound healing music to heal, you have to listen in a specific way for you to relax your mind and body. Focus on particular musical sounds or instruments to assist your breathing.

Woman meditating by the river
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Meditating needs a good breathing technique and requires focus and timing of the slow and steady inflow and outflow of air.

The best advice is to focus on a particular instrument and follow it throughout the musical piece. This way it is easier to draw your attention back to this sound over and over until you begin to master the technique and it easily becomes one with you.

Quiet You’re Mind – Mindful Breathing

The objective of meditation is not to empty our minds of thought, as this is near impossible. Rather it is a way to relax your mind and body. You should focus on a particular activity such as our breathing. Conscious focused Mindful breathing is what is strived for. Find a technique that works for you.

An example of effective breathing to relax.
1. Slowly breathe in – to a count of 4
2. Slowly breathe out – to a count of 4
3. Continue this for several minutes
4. Slowly take your mind back each time a new thought pops into your mind and then focus back on your breathing.

If you find this meditating thing difficult. You not alone. However, you still need to relax, unplug the mind, and switch off the buzz.

I suggest you listen to calming music at our YouTube channel – Wellness Relaxation Music specifically designed to help you.


In these troubled times, many of us are struggling to keep a sound mind. Some of us have developed mental problems. Our issues are of the mind. All we want is to maintain our sanity. This will help us to deal with current issues.

Therefore we must push forward, we must take action now! Before it’s too late.

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