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A wonderful technique that has proven to be a winner amongst many and the preferred way to quiet the mind is listening to healing music. This technique has proven to be successful and a very current and prominent form of healing.

The system I’m talking about is the “Sacred Healing Music System” and used by many to find balance, peace, and quiet within their busy mind.

It is important for all to find balance within. The ability to have your Mind, Body, and Inner Spirit be ONE is underrated by most medical trained professionals.

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On Unplugging Your Mind

Do you find it impossible to switch off and unplug your mind?

Be still and quiet is all it takes, “They say.” Virtually impossible, definitely easier said than done in this crazy world of ours.

Below is a moment that has some similarities of a time that we’ve experienced at some point.

Ask yourself these two questions

  1. Have you dealt with it?
  2. Have you overcome it?

Quiet you’re Mind! How is it possible to relax your mind for a few moments? I’m too anxious, besides I have kids and may miss an important call or message.”

This is the story of our daily lives, the pace never slows, the grind goes on and on. You’re supposed to operate at a 100+%, that’s what society wants, anything less and you may be frowned upon for being a slacker.

“I’m no slacker I’ll show them!” “Give me more” I shout within.

Slowly I’m burning myself out. Emotionally drained, I can literally feel my stress levels increasing. I’m not sleeping well, my muscles pull tighter by the day, a constant aching back with pain piercing all over, all the while my self-medication is on the increase. It’s way too high and if I’m not careful these meds will hook me. Even I realize it’s bad for my health, but I must cope with each day’s demands. What else can I do?
Lately, I hate my work, my boss, my nagging kids, and my demanding husband.

It’s all too much, everyone demands my attention, I need a freaking break!

I just need to be alone, “Me time!” with no one calling my name!

“Is that too much to ask for?”

Does any of this sound familiar and resonate with you. If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

Why Do You Need The Silence!

Peace and Quiet brings with it some major benefits. Time helps the mind heal, but to quiet the mind, allows it to recharge. Short recharges are good and immediate. Much like a battery, a recharge is a life saver.

Modern Caveman
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The Wise Cave Man

He so GOT it! A long, long time ago he learned to quiet the mind. Modern man has failed dismally in this department and almost lost it.

Being a modern Caveman is important. Firstly, nobody is watching you’re every move. You are alone. It’s almost frightening, not being accountable to anyone or thing. Secondly, you’re allowed to “Just do it” – nothing. It sounds wonderful almost mystical at the same time. Stare! At whatever pricks your mind or just shut your eyes and imagine whatever your mind wishes. Re-imagine your Perfect Life. Feel it, smell it, touch it, fall in love with it.

The Beauty of the Cave Mans Mind

The idea, “Quiet the Mind” to recharge is so simple yet so effective. It’s only you, and your mind. The fact that no one can see your thoughts and dreams, they’re yours and you can magnify them any way you wish.

They are Personal, Wonderful and as Real, as you want them to be for as long as you are THE CAVEMAN. This is truly amazing. Start to Live life with purpose and more importantly enjoy life.

The Healthy Caveman

The Caveman realized that the secret to quiet the mind was more than finding a quiet place to recharge.

He could not recharge when he felt hunger. When he was filled with nature’s natural foods he was able to tame his mind more.

His simple diet of nature’s superfoods included fruit, nuts, vegetables, and the occasional meat protein from a hunt gave him the needed energy to focus his mind on all that is necessary to survive. Armed with a well-focused mind he trained himself to hear all the sounds of the forest. This enabled him to protect himself from danger and find animals as a source of nourishment.

The caveman understood that feeding and nourishing the body improved him physically and mentally.

He was a Spiritual Being, which gave him the understanding that nature gives to you and it is your duty to protect that which gives to you.

You will suffer and die if you forsake this law of the universe. A balanced healthy life was everything if he wanted to live a long life.

The Caveman was more than a cunning hunter, he was super intelligent for his time as he understood the the Secret to the Fundamental Principle of Abundant Life and Survival – that the Body, Mind, and Spirit were intertwined as one.

A blade runner
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The Intelligent Modern Man’s Struggle

Simplicity is too overwhelming for the intelligent modern man who deals with complexity and real difficulty. He’s able to fix all things including himself, and he can do it anywhere no matter the circumstances, or at least that’s what he believes he’s able to do.

He has now progressed to a state of believing this is TRUE. He’s a virtual God. All the while subconsciously he is unaware of how big his stress load has grown. He has steadily been building this up for many years. He goes on, non-stop making his load bigger and more complex because this is what he has been taught. It’s the right thing to do or so society says. Then finally he can’t go any further. His body, mind, and spirit have softened. He feels it in every bone and muscle. They ache like never before. He has no solution. What am I to do? Who should I turn to for help?

It takes him a long while to figure this conundrum. Until he realizes what he needs to do. He needs to fix up what he has broken. His mind is in overload and he needs time off to heal.

Now he’s able to focus on what’s important and critical. This is the first step to healing. Put yourself first. Switch off the noise. Then almost magically all problems will shrink in size. This sounds too easy, but can it be true?

Find THE CAVEMAN within You.

Simply Still you’re Mind.

How do I quiet my mind? “You ask.”

Quiet time can be listing to Relaxing music, Prayer, or Meditation if that makes you comfortable.

It may be a combination of two or more of these things. Quiet the mind may prove to be difficult for most, especially if you’re new to meditation. The mind constantly wonders in all directions with thoughts popping in and out.

The idea is that you shut out any new thoughts that enter and immediately start the process over with a clear and quiet mind, this is done with closed eyes. All the while focusing on your breathing technique and the sound of your breath.

This is a very brief description of what is required for meditation, and it’s advised to seek more on this subject if you intend to practice it. Mastering the Art of Meditation may only happen after a long time and with much practice.

The Link between Body and Mind.

Research has informed us that our feelings cause chemical changes in our bodies and are a major cause of illness of the body and mind. Negative feelings and emotions tend to clog up and shut down our body’s operating systems.

To fix this, we need to teach our body and mind to work in a more relaxed and balanced way.

How Relaxing Music Soothes the Mind and Heals with Visuals.

The majority of people are visual beings. Often Relaxing music combined with video may be the easiest path to relaxation as it immediately quiets the mind while it takes you on a visual journey.

You’ll start to follow the visuals while listening to the music. After a while, the visuals are the focus and the music becomes the background. The ear hears minute sounds and picks up the rhythm and the sound frequency becomes the key to relaxation of the conscious mind. While the subconscious mind keeps a record of all, allowing the mind to start a healing process by releasing good chemicals that release the stresses put on the conscious brain. The four main ‘feel good’ chemicals the brain releases when feeling good, safe and a sense of emotional pleasure are endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine.

Our body starts a self-healing process as we build trust, increase our determination to want to change, become more motivated, and begin to feel a sense of safety.
The brain sends these messages to the rest of the body. Our muscles start to relax, blood flows easier with our relaxed muscle tension on the veins and arteries. This allows a good energy flow and a more balanced Chi “Energy” within and outside the body.

Many other positive changes will take place if followed through and practiced regularly, the rewards that will follow will surprise you. This process will take time and depends on your state of mind and condition of your body.

How Do I know it Will Work? You ask.

To be brutally HONEST. I DON’T KNOW.

I say this,  as  I have never met you. I’m not sure of your wants, needs, and how desperate you are to change.

This is What I DO KNOW!

Eventually, it will come down to a few critical things.

1. Your belief system – Trust yourself to make good choices.
2. How much you want to heal yourself
3. What Effort are you prepared to put in.
4. How much are you willing to Change.

Slowly our body will rebalance itself with a good healthy eating plan combined with a mild form of regular exercise.

Answer These Questions to find out if you Ready:

Do You … have a strong belief.

Are You… serious about HEALING YOURSELF?

Do You… need a more comprehensive approach to ASSIST YOUR EFFORT?


Then I recommend you have a look at My #1 RECOMMENDED Soothing Music Self-Healing system.

You are ready for Change?

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If you prefer a specific program designed specifically to help you.
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It is super important to have balance in life. Life’s energies will disappear when you’re out of balance. The body starts decaying and breaking down when your balance is out.

The mind helps the body and the body helps the mind. Together they help your inner Spirit – Chi – The flow of Universal energy and our Belief system.

We know the body is a natural healing system and when we consciously want to heal, it will. We see it work with the Placebo Effect. When we give our kids medication and tell them ” take it, it will help heal you”.

Miraculously they heal even when the medication is only a mild pain killer. They do not question you, they trust you implicitly, and more importantly, they BELIEVE it will heal them.

There are many ways to heal, this is one that may be for you.

Only if you Action it with the Right Approach will it work!

Give it a try! Click THAT Button.

You want another  alternative:

I suggest you listen to calming music at our YouTube channel – Wellness Relaxation Music

This is a new channel specifically designed to help you. We are busy creating an extensive calming and relaxing music and video library.

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