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Qigong – explained by Taoist Master  – see Video


How Qigong exercise can increase energy and life has been discussed, documented, and practiced for thousands of years.

But what exactly is Qigong and how can I benefit?

What is Qi gong? (Pronounced chi-gong).

The ancient Chinese exercise, Qigong defined, is the practice of aligning breath (using controlled rhythmic breathing techniques), movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, meditation, and martial arts training.

In Taoism, Lao Tzu, 450 BCE, describes meditative and physical exercises as a means to extend your life span and to gain access to higher realms of existence.

In essence, Qigong has evolved to where the idea of qi (chi) as a form of living energy, is widely accepted in western culture. “Gong” translated means to cultivate or master. The words Qi gong together, roughly translated is to master or cultivate your vital energy at its source and keep it in a balanced state.

In layman’s terms, the practice of Qigong is for both the mind and the body, which takes care of your wellness, helps to support emotional and mental strength, lowers stress levels, extends life, and develops you to become one with your inner spiritual self.

History of Qi gong

First appearing in China, more than 4,000 years ago. Its roots are in traditional medicine, philosophy, and martial arts.

Scholar teaching of Qigong dates back to 300 to 550 BC, crediting both Confucius and Mencius, for the early writings, they emphasized the concepts qi training as methods of moral training.

Why do Qigong

Qigong is an individual mind-body exercise, similar to yoga. The people who practice qi gong want to restore their health to its optimum level and to ensure the continuity of good body and mind health.

Another form of qigong is one that focuses on healing others.

Qigong for Vitality Boost

Qi gong practitioners confirm that they are able to experience very fast connections with their energy source and draw from it successfully.
The exercise movements draw on universal energy and strengthen body, mind, and inner spirit “Chi” in turn this vital energy increases your health and longevity while raising the consciousness of the spirit. This connection is the essence, the energy source is able to envelop the complete being.

The Benefits of Qigong Breathing Techniques

Harnessing this energy requires breathing techniques used in conjunction with total concentration while engaging the body in various, set physical movements.

This develops the body’s defense system, to its optimum protection levels and allows the body to defend itself against the environment.

Qigong training develops the inner and outer body

Qigong practitioners attest to the fact that qigong movements develop the physical body, it becomes stronger and so does the mental state. This will enable the use of a higher level of brainpower, however, it is dependent upon the energy level each individual achieves.

The three types of energy that the qi gong practice releases.

1. The Essence Energy is, Jing
2. The Vital Energy is, Qi
3. The Spirit Energy is, Shen.

Qigong Poses and Qigong Posture

Energies are harnessed through the use of shapes and postures with the intention of creating an ideal balance between all the energies, thereby achieving optimum physical and mental health.

The Practice of Qigong under Supervision of an Experienced Teacher

Regular practice of the qi gong exercise is best under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Regular practice of the qi gong exercise is best under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The pupil learns how to connect, build, circulate, and direct the individual energy.

What causes the blocking of energy.

  • physical trauma
  • mental trauma
  • spiritual trauma
  • toxins
  • stress

Removing Energy Blockages

The belief is, energy trapped in your stress is causing blockages. These blockages can be successfully removed using the qi gong techniques.

Can Qigong Exercise Increase Energy and Life?

  • Qigong breathing – Breathing correctly is a key factor, by mastering the breathing techniques you can improve your general wellbeing and increase your life.
  • Qigong exercise – The importance of a good warm-up is another key, it relaxes your muscles and makes your body softer. A proper warm up prevents you from accidental injury during practice and it increases blood flow.
  • Qigong heals – Strengthening your kidneys and back makes your back stronger and stimulates kidney function.
  • Qigong posture – There are many advantages when you include back straightening in you daily practice routines. Practicing a strait back position corrects bad posture, improves your vision, strengthens and straightens your back, and improves the circulation of oxygen in your blood.
  • Qigong Poses – Stress relief exercise relaxes the whole body. By strengthening your waist you protect and help key organs, your kidneys, and your spleen.

    There are several benefits when stretching your back, it increases lungs capacity, provides your body with energy, improves liver function, kidneys, stomach, and intestines.


Qigong has many benefits for your health and wellbeing.

This Chinese practice helps self-healing including sexual disorders like ED and premature ejaculation.

Breathing correctly helps your overall wellbeing and increases longevity. It softens the body, prevents injury, and increases blood flow.

It remolds incorrect body posture, straightens and strengthens the back. Reduces Stress-related issues by relaxing the whole body through exercise. There are still many more reasons to practice qigong.

If you are interested in practicing qigong, for improved health and vitality you may want to have a well-put-together program to guide, assist and measure your progress.

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