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Zoom Power      The Ultimate Unfortunate Success Story

In early December the Financial Review reported that “Zoom chief executive Eric Yuan has set himself the goal within a decade of making his video communications technology better than face-to-face interactions.” Zoom has come a long way since listing on the stock exchange in 2019. In the past 4 months, it has the markings a company on steroids.

Mr. Yuan, Zooms CEO, must be in total disbelieve. His company has been catapulted into the stratosphere. He only has one thing to thank for it, a Virus. The coronavirus pandemic which, usually brings down companies has given rise to a booming of It has gone from a virtual nobody to one of the big boys on the block in the shortest time possible. 

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“Meet with other like-minded people today!”

How success negatively impacts your business?

To have sudden growth you need extraordinary events and compounding things to happen. Come in coronavirus, a truly Global Pandemic of International proportions that has to change the way the world operates. It forced millions of people to stay home over the past month. It forced nations into isolation and families into hibernation and self-isolation. All this was done in an unprecedented short space of time. Governments were given unprecedented powers to make national health decisions quickly. These decisions had a major impact on all individuals. Suddenly we experienced immediate separation without choice. A new phrase “Social distancing”. This has led to disastrous financial implications globally.

Companies shut down offices and sent their workforce home. Still, these companies expect their employees to work from home and now rely on video conferencing software for meetings.

Humans are habitual and need Social communication. When put in a corner of isolation, they will figure out a way to be social. Anyway is better than none. Just to keep our sanity – whether it’s face to face or virtual. We have an urge built into our DNA, I believe anyway that must be met. That need is to pacify ourselves that we are safe, comfortable and our loved ones too, this gives us emotional satisfaction and peace of mind that is difficult to explain until you experience it. This is just one of the important survival needs. What better way than to talk to and see our loved ones. Zoom was made to fit. “One size fits all”  or so they say. But is it truly a one size fits all or are there gaping holes that are emerging?

Picture Zoom – Ceo, Eric Yuan

“Zoom listed on public markets on Thursday, Apr 18, 2019

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