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How Fashion impacts Your Lifestyle!

How Fashion impacts Your Lifestyle!

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make Fashion Own You, but you decide what you are, what you want to Express by the way you dress and the way to live.” — Gianni Versace


             is a way to say who you are without having to speak!

Fashion impacts our lives in many ways. It paints a picture of our personal identities. What others think of us! Where we fit in socially. Our confidence mirrors what we wear or don’t wear.
Take the time to think about the clothes you buy. Does it suit your personality? Find inspiration in magazines and get dress sensibility advice from an expert, it may be the most liberating of experiences.

What a difference Style makes!

The clothes we wear are directly linked to our emotions. It makes us comfortable with ourselves, feeling cozy in the chilly season, and sexy in the summer.

When wearing Schick and Glamourous outfits, our emotions are on a constant roller-coaster ride.

Fashion has power, it makes a statement, boosts our confidence when we styling, and creating our fashion trend.

Looking to improve your lifestyle in any form can be a big decision, for most people it comes down to wanting change –

  • who they are in their minds.
  • the way they look and feel about themselves.

Fashion drives how we live our lives!

Brand awareness has brought a new dimension to our lives and drives our everyday decisions. From what we wear, what we drive to where we socialize.

Fashion literally owns us, society puts so much emphasis on being on-trend while still being unique. Finding the right outfit can be a matter of life and death for some of us.

We so easily buy into advertising trends, hoping the things we wear, will make your lives better. 

Why we make lifestyle changes to be with the in crowd?

Overweight or obese is a sin in most fashionistas’ vocab. If you overweight you need to know how to balance your emotional state. Dress code becomes everything, by dressing in a certain unique way, you redirect the focuses and attention, on your flamboyant attitude to life and not your size. We fit in when we get others to positively amplify our trending attitude and style.

We make conscious decisions to diet so that we can look like fashion models and famous people that wear the clothes we like. We buy clothing intentionally, not to move freely, but that’s too small to go on a diet, just so that we are trending.

We purchase expensive business attire to blend in with successful business people and the surrounding business environment.

Our budget is not part of our master plan, it is a hindrance – We never have enough cash!

Fashion costs, ….money the average person doesn’t have. We cut important things out of our lifestyle so that we can be with the in-crowd.

We have a choice “fight or flight ”response, so we chose to fight and improvise, using our personally refined resources, …simply put on a happy facial expression to cover your shortcomings. We don’t eat correct, we party too much, smoke to please others, “All in the pursuit of happiness.”

Fashionably improve your Lifestyle.

Buy that special piece of clothing, it will lift your positive emotion, nothing else can make you feel lighter in spirit. There is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself, but not at the expense of a good healthy lifestyle.

What you wear to work matters. Dress up for work, impress your boss. Make the most of the time you spend there. The majority of waking time is spent at work, so why not enjoy it by looking great.

Working from home! Dress up, try business casual as an option, it will make you feel better and it will allow you to distinguish between work times and playtimes. We all heard of the saying “Work hard, Play Hard” It is important to shut off mentally and physically change into lighter more comfortable clothing, especially in the same environment.

Choosing a healthier way of life has become a top priority for most people.

First, you buy that slinky tank top, join the Gym or decide to exercise by walking each day, hoping it adds to your lifestyle. Looking good in your fitness clothes while exercising increases your adrenalin, which gets the heart beating faster.

Eating healthy whole foods and taking necessary supplements will eventually lose weight and increase your energy and manage high blood pressure issues. A healthy antioxidant eating plan will improve your skin tone and aging, your mental attitude will shift positively and health problems start to disappear.

Dressing up has many emotional benefits for your lifestyle.

Choosing the right clothing for the right event is everything and believe me, it matters. When you going to a meeting, and you looking and feeling good, it gets your adrenal glands working in overdrive.

Dressing for success puts an extra bounce in your steps. Your confidence level goes up a notch, your self-awareness kicks in and you like the sound of your voice while having a great time with the people that matter.

The perception that anything is possible, becomes possible. Our attitude becomes one of Life’s good, bring it on.

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