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5 Quick ways TO IMPACT your personal finances – guaranteed!

5 Quick ways TO IMPACT your personal finances – guaranteed!

It’s Not about having lots of MONEY, It’s about knowing how to manage it.” 

How to guarantee that your personal finances improve immediately!


  1. Recognize and accept the accountability that your personal finances are crap, your current financial plan is poor and you’re failing miserably.
  2. Create a Financial Plan with financial goals to manage debt.
  3. Follow through with consistent decisive action is key.
  4. Drive your plan to make goal-setting a success.
  5. Have a purpose in mind to be debt-free in a certain time period.
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Appoint yourself as CEO and CFO of your life. Step up, take charge of your life, be accountable, and manage your personal finances like a pro, and your lifestyle will improve.

Step 1. Recognition and Acceptance!

“Failure is an absolute essential in life.” However, it is nothing without recognition and acceptance. Having said this, do not interpret this to mean you must purposely fail at what you do.

Failure is an important part of any learning process. However, how we deal with failure will determine our future success.

“Change the way you do things and you change the way your mind works.

Identify your shortcomings.

  • Not saving money
  • No emergency fund in place
  • Living beyond your means
  • Spending more than you earn
  • Plastic Debt – Credit cards are accumulating
  • Rolling money, re-spending your card payments
  • Don’t budget or plan

Step 2. Have Purpose!

Psychologists have recognized that the mind will do anything if it has the right purpose for good or bad.

Find your purpose, and hold it close to you. Make your purpose your soul objective. It must be so desirable that you focus and work towards it every waking moment.

Whatever you think and focus upon  consistently will manifest itself.


Create long term financial goals, make your goals big enough to consistently work upon, it must not be easily achieved. Then break it down into mini-goals, these short term goals have smaller time frames.

Tick them off one by one.

Your long term goal should never end.  Always work on and move your ultimate goal so that you can achieve maximum results forever. This will become your new habit and way that you do things.

Step 3. Create a Plan

plan is a diagram or list of steps with details of timing and resources, used to achieve an objective to do something.

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A Goal without a Plan is merely a Wish.

We can all wish for abundance and understanding, however, you must make every effort to understand all about finance, study, learn, and teach yourself from books and videos as much as you can. Listen to successful people’s stories to motivate you, they know what you don’t. Use other people’s plans, get closer to people who have been in the same position as you, and figured a way out. Become an Expert, it won’t harm to be more knowledgeable.

Start this courageous journey with pen and paper and an open mind. Thinking is the most difficult part of creating a plan. A wiliness to sacrifice now for the benefits that will materialize later takes a new mind-set.

Lifestyle improvements will not happen without your full participation. Hard and long thinking and making difficult decisions is part of this process, to achieve strategic objectives, to realize the positive long-term financial outcomes.

Drive your plan with the purpose and goals that are written on your plan.

Below are some components to your monthly financial budget plan, giving you a starting point.

Identify the key components of a Budget.

Know your Gross Income

  • Salary
  • Rental received
  • Interest received on bank cash deposits etc.

Less you Gross Expenses.

  • Tax
  • Rental / Mortgage
  • Car repayment
  • Life Insurance (Estate planning and written Will)
  • Other Insurance (house, car)
  • Entertainment Cost
  • Maintenance ( House; Car)
  • Food costs
  • School Fees
  • Loan repayments
  • Credit Card Debts
  • Interest payments (interest rates charged on loans and credit cards)
  • Other Expenses

Less your Investments

  • Property
  • Shares / Bonds (Stock Market)
  • other Investments

The Formula is Income less Expenses less Investments = Net Income

Know your Net Earnings number?

This number will indicate your current cash flow position at the end of one month. It will indicate how serious your situation is and inform you of what steps you need to take immediately.

If you have a shortfall, you will need extra money. Ways to manage a shortfall. Reduce your spending on things that is in your control, and increase your income through creative means, get a second job, selling items of value for cash. This part will need an in-depth understanding of finance to implement the best solutions.

Step 4. Consistency is Key

plan does not include procrastination. So don’t wait, just do it.

Time is your enemy, Don’t give up too early.

Start Now! Do not wait for the perfect time, there is no such thing. So start implementing your plan with decisive motivated action.

Now, implement your plan with decisive motivated action.

Use these key measurable factors.

  • Create a Checklist – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Create a specific timeline of Goals
  • Check them, revise them, and tick off all completed tasks weekly.
  • Re-task uncompleted goals for completion on the timeline.
  • Keep this momentum of consistency of following up on yourself.

By teaching yourself these new tasks and developing them, you will create a new habit of consistent persistence.

Create a Mantra – Repeat it often, when you awaken, and before you sleep, say it anytime and anyplace. example

I create my freedom with passion, nothing can stop me because I am consistent and persistent. Failure is not an option.

Step 5. Do things differently and with purpose matters

When we think of famous people in the world we try to understand how they became well known?

Remember the story of Thomas Edison the “Inventor of the light bulb, and Alexander Graham Bell the “Inventor of the telephone”, these great inventors understood one thing – Persistency wins always.

What makes you different from them?…. nothing in body only in mind-set. They never gave up, just kept trying.

Change this and you change your future. This is a formula for success.

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